Girls studying online in Afghanistan

Girls studying online in Afghanistan: Taliban had banned going to school-college, now completing studies at US University

Feb 26, 2023 - 15:27
Girls studying online in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, in December last year, the Taliban banned girls from going to school and college. It is believed that around 90,000 girls have been affected by it. There are many girl students who have not given up on their intention to complete their studies. HH (name withheld) had completed civil engineering but the Taliban came and stopped the diploma certificates.
Now she is studying online at American University for a degree in Computer Science. Apart from MH, many other girl students are also turning to online classes. Shai Reshef, President of the American Institute, says, 6000 applications have come so far this year for online admission. Ten thousand applications were received in the last whole year. According to Pashtana Durrani, director of an NGO, they have been receiving more than ten applications for online courses daily.
Human Rights Watch researcher Sahar Fitrat says that there is a need to promote girls' education. However, she warns that online education could strengthen the Taliban's efforts to oust women from public places. Enrollment of women in schools and colleges is necessary.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer