China, unsatisfied with Nancy Pelosi planning to visit Taiwan, tells America not to interfere

Aug 2, 2022 - 12:28
China, unsatisfied with Nancy Pelosi planning to visit Taiwan, tells America not to interfere

Nancy Pelosi who is the US Parliament Speaker will visit 4 countries in Asia. On Monday she left for Singapore. After which, she will go to Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan.

Let us tell you that China looks unsatisfied with this visit. The reason for China's displeasure was Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. Earlier there were reports that Nancy would visit Taiwan, but according to a recently released official statement, Taiwan's name is not included in her tour list.  

There was a lot of tension about Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, US President Joe Biden's government and the US military were worried about Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. They feared that China might attack Nancy's plane. Actually, China did a military drill near Taiwan recently which increased the risk of attack.  

However, Pelosi has not yet confirmed her visit to Taiwan. China fears Pelosi may go to Taiwan. According to the New York Times report, it is expected that Pelosi may change her mind and go to Taiwan. Some reports claimed that his visit to Taiwan is being kept secret for security reasons. If Nancy Pelosi goes to Taiwan, it will be the first time in 25 years that such a big leader of America will make an official visit there.

According to the news agency 'Reuters', the Chinese President is angry with American interference in Taiwan and threatened Biden. Jinping had said, "I will only tell you that those who try to play with fire, get burnt."  

The direct meaning of this warning is that the bitterness between the two countries is increasing rapidly. China does not approve at all that the US and the Biden Administration should help Taiwan.  

China considers Taiwan as part of China which means it also comes under the One China Policy, while Taiwan sees itself as an independent country. China's goal has been to force Taiwan to bow to its political demands and accept China's occupation.  

Accordingly, America also accepts the One China policy, but cannot see China's occupation of Taiwan. Biden said 2 months ago – We agreed to the One China policy, we signed it, but it is wrong to think that Taiwan can be taken away by use of force. This move of China will not only be unfair, but it will destabilize the entire region.


Vinita Kotwani Journalist & Writer