3 accused fleeing smuggler from Maharashtra arrested: 2 luxury vehicles seized

3 accused fleeing smuggler from Maharashtra arrested: 2 luxury vehicles seized, Kaushalaram's planning, operatives fled from Kota

May 18, 2023 - 12:02
3 accused fleeing smuggler from Maharashtra arrested: 2 luxury vehicles seized

Barmer police have arrested three accused of the Kaushalaram gang who had abducted a smuggler from Maharashtra to Barmer from Maharashtra police custody. At the same time, the police have seized two luxury vehicles. The police have handed over all three accused to the Mumbai Police. On the other hand, the gang chief Kaushalaram had made complete planning for the escape. Crime Police Jaipur has declared a reward of Rs 25,000 for this.
In fact, the Barmer police arrested accused Omprakash alias Omaram s/o Kishnaram, a resident of Seoul on Ki Dhani along with Bhojasar, a resident of Bhojasar, and seized three Scorpios full of doda during an encounter in Ramania border on April 13-14. Omaram alias Omprakash Kaushalaram is the right-hand man of the Syndicate. On investigation, all three Scorpios were found to be stolen. In this, one Scorpio was stolen from Mumbai, one from Bangalore, and another. In the case of Scorpio stolen in 2022 from the Nandurbar district of Mumbai, the Mumbai Police had taken it there on a production warrant from Balotra Jail where two days of PC remand was taken after being presented in court.
After the PC remand was over, on May 8 afternoon, after presenting the accused in the Shahada district Nandurbar court, the court, while sending the accused to jail, in a pre-planned manner, the Kaushalaram gang members pushed the police guard in the court premises, accused Omprakash alias Omaram was taken away from police custody. A case has been registered in this regard at Shahada police station in Nandurbar district.
On receiving information about the escape of smuggler Omprakash alias Omiya, SP Digant Anand collected information by forming separate teams. On the other hand, disclosing the incident using CCTV footage and an informer system, three members of the Kaushalaram gang were detained and interrogated, then they accepted the incident. On his pointers, 2 luxury vehicles used in the incident were also detained. Kaushalaram gang members Kesaram alias Kesha Marwari (25) s/o Magaram r/o Lapundra Gida Barmer, Premaram (24) s/o Chainaram r/o Dudhu Dhorimanna Hall Ramnagar Barmer, and Narpat (22) s/o Gordhanram r/o Manpura Gida Barmer have been sent to the District Police Crime Branch for further investigation, handed over to Nandurbar, Maharashtra. Seized vehicles were also handed over there.
The plan to drive away Omprakash alias Omaram was made by Kaushalaram. The search is on for accused Kaushalaram and Omprakash alias Omaram and other accused, they will be nabbed soon. A reward of Rs 35,000 was announced by the Additional Director General of Police, Crime Branch, Jaipur on the arrest of accused Kaushalaram. A special team including constables Bhupendrasingh, Shivratan, and Lumbaram of the DST team has made a unique contribution to the disclosure.
A total of 10 cases are registered against the accused Kesaram. A total of 12 cases are registered against the accused Pemaram. Both are top-notch scoundrels.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer