Wife ran away after a month of marriage, husband's suicide

The wife ran away after a month of marriage, husband's suicide: When the bride arrived in the wedding procession, she got married by threatening

Apr 23, 2023 - 16:11
Wife ran away after a month of marriage, husband's suicide

In Jaipur, after a month of marriage, the bride ran away after looting her jewelry. The unhappy husband committed suicide. His dead body was found hanging from the noose. The middlemen got her married by taking 5 lakh rupees. On reaching the wedding procession, even the bride was changed. On Friday, the brother of the deceased registered a case of abetment to suicide against 5 people including the robber bride.
Police said- Pradeep Sharma, a resident of Indra Verma Colony of Shastri Nagar, has lodged the report. As told in the complaint- Accused Mohan Lal Sharma and his son Ravi Sharma are acquaintances of the family. Both father and son work to get married. Brother Raju Sharma (41) was not getting married. The family talked to the accused father-son. He introduces the family to Ganesh and Suman. All the four accused talked and told – Sirsa resident of Haryana can get Sita (name changed) married. 5 lakh rupees will have to be paid for this. You will have to bear all the expenses of the marriage. On refusing to give money said - girls are not getting like that. The relationship is very good, the girl is educated. A government job can also be taken. Money has to be given for marriage. We have done many marriages together. Agreed to give Rs 5 lakh for the marriage.
The accused introduced Brother Raju and his mother to the girl. The relationship was finalized after the boy and the girl liked each other. After taking 5 lakh rupees, it was decided to marry on December 9, 2022, in Shastri Nagar Jhulelal temple. The wedding preparations are over. On 9th December reached the temple with Raju's procession. At the time of Varmala, there was some other girl in place of Sita.
Told the accused – this girl is not Sita. He told that Sita suddenly refused to marry. All the preparations for the marriage were done, so we prepared the girl. Its name is Jyoti (36). If the girls complain about taking dowry in the police station, then all of you will have to go to jail. What difference does it make whether it is Sita or Jyoti? You are getting married.
Due to the fear of public shame, Raju got married to Jyoti. When Jyoti was asked about her family, she would give evasive answers. Used to keep Raju away from her. On January 9, 2023, ran away from home with valuables, gold-silver ornaments, a mangal sutra, and expensive clothes.
On asking the accused who got Raju married, he said – Our job was only to get you married. We had taken money only to get married. Now what can we do if your wife has run away? You know and he knows. On asking for information about Jyoti's family members, he threatened that if he investigates more, it will not be good for him. If Jyoti had to come back then why would she run away with your belongings?
Saddened by the elopement of the new bride, Raju Sharma (41) committed suicide. On March 8, Raju's body was found hanging in the house. Police got the postmortem done and handed over the dead body to the relatives. On the complaint of the deceased's brother, Mohan Lal Sharma, his son Ravi Sharma, Ganesh, Suman and Jyoti have started the investigation by filing a report against them.
SHO (Shastri Nagar) Dilip Singh says that Raju Sharma committed suicide on March 8. Raju's brother Pradeep has filed a report against five people including his wife. A case has been registered on Friday night on the orders of the court. The case is being investigated.
Accused Ganesh says that Raju used to drive a taxi car. After showing the girl to his family, the marriage is done with everyone's consent. After that, I do not know who quarrelled with each other.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer