"Sushant's ex-manager Disha Salian's death was an accident", CBI claims

CBI claims on Disha Salian's death: Sushant's ex-manager fell from the 14th floor due to loss of balance in a drunken state

Nov 23, 2022 - 18:46
"Sushant's ex-manager Disha Salian's death was an accident", CBI claims

The CBI has made a big disclosure on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput's ex-manager Disha Salian. The CBI claims that Disha died after falling from the 14th floor in an inebriated state. No evidence of his murder has been found. It was just an accident. She probably fell due to a loss of balance in intoxication. Disha died on the night of 8 June 2020 after falling from the roof of the building. Six days later, on June 14, Sushant Singh Rajput also committed suicide, after which there was a lot of controversy regarding both these deaths and the demand for a CBI inquiry was raised.
At that time BJP leader Nitesh Rane had claimed that there is a mutual connection between Disha and Sushant's death. After controversies, its investigation was handed over to the CBI. CBI is about to present its report after about two and a half years. Disha was associated with many celebs as a manager at that time and after the death of Sushant Singh, many talks started regarding nepotism, drug sales in Bollywood and similar things. However, there is no update on when CBI will submit its closure report in this case. The CBI had not registered any separate case in Disha's death. Its investigation was being done along with the investigation into Sushant Singh's death. The CBI has also made it clear that there is no connection between these two deaths.
During a conversation with ETimes, a CBI officer said- 'In the investigation, we came to know that Disha had organized a house party on the occasion of her birthday. The party was on the night of 8th June. Probably due to excessive consumption of alcohol, Disha lost her balance, due to which she fell down from the flat.
According to some media reports that surfaced after Disha's death, Disha had dinner with her boyfriend Rohan Rai and some common friends before the incident. After this incident happened. At that time Disha was working for Bunty Sajdeh's management company Corner Stone.
There was a difference of only 6 days between the death of Disha and Sushant. The CBI did not register a separate case in the case of Disha's death. The CBI had also investigated the suicide case of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, during which they had investigated Disha's case and the connection between the two deaths has come to the fore. Many people alleged that Disha and Sushant died due to a drug connection in Bollywood. Sushant's death is also not suicide, it is being given the form of suicide, in fact, it is murder and Disha Salian's death also has a connection with Sushant's death. For this reason, the CBI kept its investigation along with the Sushant case.
Disha Salian was working as a celebrity manager in Bollywood. She used to look after the work of Sushant Singh till 6 months before her death. Apart from Sushant, Bharti Singh was also the manager of Varun Sharma among the big celebs. It is believed that due to some controversy, Disha left Sushant's work.
There were also reports of an affair between Disha Salian and Aditya Pancholi's son Sooraj Pancholi in the corridors of Bollywood. It was said that both have dated each other. Suraj Pancholi's name was associated with him on social media. There were rumours that Disha and Sooraj were in a relationship. While Sooraj dismissed these rumours saying that he did not even know Disha.
Shortly after Disha's death, a photo went viral on social media, in which Suraj Pancholi was claimed to be Disha Salian. However, while reacting to this photo, Sooraj vented his anger on the media and social media and also complained to the police. He said that he never met Disha. The one seen in the photo is his friend Anushree Gaur who no longer lives in India.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer