Students on the tank with a noose around their neck for 24 hours

Former education minister Kalicharan said - if the date does not change, chaos will spread. The health of the students sitting on the water tank for 24 hours started deteriorating.

Aug 7, 2022 - 18:25
Students on the tank with a noose around their neck for 24 hours

Student union election in Rajasthan has now become a political issue. After ABVP, now BJP has also demanded from the government to extend the date of student union elections. On Sunday, former Education Minister Kalicharan Saraf reached Rajasthan University in support of the students who climbed the tank. Kalicharan said that I will give the same opinion to the Chief Minister that the student union should extend the date of elections. Otherwise, anarchy may increase in the whole of Rajasthan.
In fact, on Saturday, three ABVP workers climbed a water tank near Aravali Hostel to demand an extension of the date of student union elections at Rajasthan University. After this, an attempt was made by the university and the police administration to bring down the students by persuading them. But the students demanded to write a letter to the government regarding the date of the student union election. The university administration also agreed to the demand of the students. But till now the letter has not been written. Angered by whom, Narendra Yadav, Rahul Meena and Manu Dadhich of Rajasthan University have been sitting on the water tank for the last 24 hours. In support of the students sitting on the same tank, now the students have started protesting on the ground as well.
ABVP's national minister Hoshiyar Meena said that the Rajasthan government is only trying to do khanapurti in the name of student union elections. While the admission process is not complete. In such a situation, up to 80% of the students will not be able to participate in the electoral process. Which is harmful to democracy. In such a situation, the government and the university administration do not accept our demands. ABVP's dharna will continue, now we will protest on the road against the government not only in Jaipur but across the state.

The Rajasthan government announced the student union elections in the state on August 26. But till now the admission process has not been completed in the state. In such a situation, both ABVP and NSUI student organizations had demanded from the government to extend the date of elections. But recently, Higher Education Minister Rajendra Yadav had given a statement to hold elections on 26 August itself. After which the students started protesting against the government. For the last 4 days, ABVP has been staging a sit-in on the university campus. On Saturday, the supporters of ABVP students climbed the water tank against the government.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer