Mayank Agarwal won't be able to comment for 48 hours since he is no longer in danger; This mystery has not been solved

Cricket player Mayank Agarwal of the Indian team is anticipated to leave ILS Hospital in Agartala on Wednesday. The information indicates that Mayank Agarwal will arrive in Bengaluru during the afternoon. Following a decline in his health during the flight, the Karnataka captain was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. Mayank had drunk the wrong thing.

Jan 31, 2024 - 15:50
Mayank Agarwal won't be able to comment for 48 hours since he is no longer in danger; This mystery has not been solved

Mayank Agarwal, the captain of Karnataka and an Indian batsman, is expected to be released from the hospital on Wednesday and is not in danger. Recall that on Tuesday, during the flight to Delhi, Mayank Agarwal's condition had gotten worse, leading to his admission to ILS Hospital in Agartala.

Mayank accidentally drank the poisonous beverage, thinking it was water, which caused him to experience lip swelling and a burning sensation in his throat. Mayank Agarwal, the cricketer, will arrive in Bengaluru on Wednesday afternoon, according to Karnataka team manager Ramesh. The cricketer's ulcer and swelling will prevent him from speaking for the next 48 hours.

Mayank Agarwal was admitted to the nearby hospital following his unease on the Delhi flight in Agartala. In the evening, the hospital reported that Mayank was stable and being closely monitored. Mayank Aggarwal went through his manager in Agartala to file a police complaint. He charged him with being dishonest. On the seat where Mayank was sitting, he drank the beverage from a pouch, mistaking it for water.

Mayank Agarwal was to travel to Surat for Karnataka's next match in the Ranji Trophy when his health deteriorated and he was removed from the flight.

Ramesh told India Today, “We were about to take off and Mayank was thirsty. So he drank the water kept in front of the seat. After a few minutes, he realized that his throat was itching and he felt like vomiting. He immediately ran towards the washroom and informed the air hostess about it.

He further said, 'The air hostess immediately rang the emergency bell and checked whether any doctor was available on the flight or not. Unfortunately, there was no doctor so the air hostess informed the pilot. Then a message was sent to the airport authority. Doctors came to see Mayank and said, “We cannot give him first aid here.” He will have to be admitted to the hospital. An ambulance came and Mayank was taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ramesh has confirmed that Mayank Agarwal will not play in Karnataka's next Ranji Trophy match, which starts against Railways on February 2 in Surat. The Karnataka captain will be available for the match starting from 9th February. Karnataka is scheduled to play a Ranji Trophy match against Tamil Nadu in Chennai on February 9.

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