Journalist arrested for raising voice of Hindus in PAK

Journalist arrested for raising the voice of Hindus in PAK: Minorities evicted from flood relief camps, place only Muslims

Sep 14, 2022 - 00:43
Journalist arrested for raising voice of Hindus in PAK

The journalist Nasrallah Gadani, who raised the voice of the flood victims in Pakistan, was arrested by the Sindh Police. Gadani had visited flood relief camps a few days back. During this, he exposed the discrimination faced by minorities in the flood relief camps. He alleged that only Muslims were being given space in the camps. Apart from this, minorities are also not getting relief material.
So far 1300 people have died due to floods in Pakistan. More than 6 thousand are injured. According to an estimate, about 35 million people have become homeless. Sindh province is the worst affected.
Gadani had last week visited a relief camp in Sindh's Mirpur Mathelo town. In one of the videos, he showed how minorities were being discriminated against there. The video depicted the pain of Hindus being driven out of relief camps. This video went viral on social media. Later the government removed it. All the Hindus were poor from the Bagri community.
After this video, Gadani was sent a notice by the police to appear. When they arrived for questioning, they were arrested. Gadani claimed that the Hindus did not even have water and food to drink. They are in danger of dying of hunger. The special thing is that Muslims are being given shelter in Hindu temples, but Hindus are being evicted from relief camps.
The danger also increases because Pakistan's Meteorological Department is saying that there may be heavy rains again in the coming weeks. If this apprehension turns out to be true, the situation could go from bad to worse. The country struggled with heavy rains for almost two months. During this, not even the big hotels of Sindh and Balochistan survived. Millions of people have become homeless, they have no food and no roof to cover their heads. These families are living in the tents they have got as help from the world. The government of Pakistan is citing climate change as the reason for the floods.
The Shahbaz Sharif government of Pakistan has not yet been able to decide how much damage has been done. Shahbaz had said a few days ago that there was a loss of 10 billion dollars. His planning minister also told the same figure. At the same time, some media reports say that the figure for damage cannot be decided yet, as many parts are still submerged in water.
The situation is also dangerous for Pakistan because it was on the verge of bankruptcy. The IMF also gave a loan of barely 1.5 billion dollars. Inflation has crossed 18%. Apart from this, the political upheaval is making the situation worse. Imran Khan is also doing rallies in this era.
Wheat, cotton ie cotton and rice are grown in good numbers in Pakistan. These crops have been completely destroyed due to floods. Officials say that even half the production of cotton cannot be done. This will have an impact on the readymade garment sector. This will result in negligible exports. In America and China too, this time the cotton crop has been damaged due to heat.
The threat of starvation has arisen due to the destruction of wheat and rice crops. Pakistan was already importing these things, and now what it will do in the paper, has to be seen. Rathi Balakrishnan, director of the World Food Program in the country, says – the situation is really bad. Leave it to eat, now farmers do not even have seeds.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer