Government of India will not import wheat

Government of India will not import wheat: Said- enough wheat to eat in the country; Yield has decreased due to heatwave

Aug 21, 2022 - 22:18
Government of India will not import wheat

There is enough wheat in the country to feed the Indians. The government on Sunday refuted the Bloomberg report making this claim. It has been said that every year production is decreasing in the country. Prices are increasing continuously. Because of this, the Indian government is considering importing wheat.
Bloomberg has said in its report that PM Narendra Modi had said at the start of the Ukraine-Russia war that his country could export wheat to the world. But due to a decrease in production, exports will not be able to take place. Wheat production in the country has come down this year due to the heatwave. Due to this, it may become difficult to meet the shortage of wheat and the government may have to import wheat.
The Department of Food and Public Distribution wrote on social media that there is no need to buy wheat in India. There is enough stock to meet the domestic needs of the country. There is also stock for public distribution. Wheat procurement from India fell by 57% to 18.8 million tonnes as compared to last year.
The Government of India has increased the estimate of wheat production on Wednesday i.e. 17 August. Traders are reducing production due to heatwave. The government, in the latest estimate released by the Agriculture Ministry, said wheat, the world's second-highest grain producer, produced 1068.4 million tonnes this year.
The US Department of Agriculture has estimated India's grain production to be higher by 95 million tonnes, while traders estimate that the heatwave has reduced production by up to 95 million tonnes.
Domestic wheat prices on Wednesday rose to Rs 24,309 per tonne. Due to this India cannot meet the shortage of food grains in Ukraine. At the same time, it cannot even meet the compensation of the market.
A Mumbai-based dealer of a global trading firm said the procurement of wheat is decreasing. The price is also going down continuously. Due to this, there may be a shortfall in production by about 12 million tonnes in the coming year.

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