Firing in Mississippi, US, 6 killed

Firing in Mississippi, US, 6 killed: Accused shot ex-wife and her fiance, police arrested

Feb 18, 2023 - 10:15
Firing in Mississippi, US, 6 killed

Mass shooting incidents are increasing in America. There was a shooting late Friday night in the Mississippi City of Tennessee State. 6 people died in this incident. According to CNN, the police have arrested the accused.
Police officer Brad Lance said the attacker, 52-year-old Richard Dale Krum, killed his ex-wife. The others killed are said to be relatives of the ex-wife. Another person has been injured in this firing. He is being treated in the hospital.
Police officer Brad Lance said – The incident took place in the Arkabutla area of Mississippi City. Here in the parking lot of a store, the attacker attacked a person sitting in the car. After this, the accused Richard Del Krum reached his ex-wife's house. Here he shot his ex-wife and her fiancé. Then he went to his house, where the police arrested him.
Police officer Lance said that the police found the bodies of two other people near the house of the accused. He said- We found two dead bodies behind Richard Del Krum's house, there were marks of bullets on their bodies. A dead body was lying on the road. The other was in the car. One of these bodies was of a woman. We think these people also had some relation with the accused. Is being investigated. Only then will something become clear?
According to the police, the accused had several types of guns. Police officer Lance said- We found his car in front of the accused's house. Several handguns and short guns were kept in them. We immediately arrested him and sealed the weapons. The reason for the attack is not clear at the moment. The accused is being interrogated.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer