Dress of Banke Bihari is made in the mosque

The dress of Banke Bihari is made in the mosque: 10 thousand Muslim artisans make God's turban in Vrindavan, supplied from England to Indonesia

Aug 18, 2022 - 09:13
Dress of Banke Bihari is made in the mosque

The Muslim community is also full of enthusiasm about Janmashtami in Mathura-Vrindavan. Sai Masjid is located at a distance of half a kilometre from the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan. The people of the Muslim community around the mosque are engaged in making Shri Krishna's dress and Radha ji's chunari.
In Vrindavan, there are 40 factories manufacturing God's clothes. In these, more than 10 thousand Muslim artisans are working day and night. How much enthusiasm is there among the Muslims here about the birthday of Lord Krishna? Since when have they been doing this work? Bhaskar reached 12 factories in Vrindavan with many such questions.
Just opposite the Sai Masjid is Mainuddin Khan's costume factory. 15 to 20 artisans work in the factory. Mainuddin, 58, said, “I have been doing the work of making God's costume for the last 40 years. This work is being done in Vrindavan for 50-60 years. Not only Radha-Krishna, but we all also do the work of making God's dress. On Janmashtami, we prepare special zari-embroidered outfits for Banke-Bihari and Radha."
Sonu Khan, who has been making Radha's chunari and lehenga for 10 years, says, "It takes only 1-2 days to make a Banke-Bihari patka, turban, dhoti and Radha's chunari, but 7 to 8 days to make Radha's lehenga. It takes days. 4 to 5 artisans work 15-16 hours every day to make a beautiful lehenga. The cost of this lehenga ranges from 8 to 10 thousand.
Sonu Khan further adds, “We take special care of cleanliness and purity while making the dress of God. Our aim is to make Banke Bihari happy. Usually, the thread is wetted while doing embroidery and zari work, but while making the God's dress, purity is our priority."
Rizwan, who runs a large zari-dress factory next to the mosque, said, “The dress of God made in Vrindavan is popular in the country as well as the world. We have offers from the US, England, France, Japan, Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia. Lord of about 90% of the temples of the country and the world wear only the dress made of Vrindavan.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer