BJP MP scolds woman for not wearing bindi

BJP MP scolds woman for not wearing bindi: Muniswamy said - First put bindi, is your husband alive? you don't have common sense

Mar 9, 2023 - 22:41
BJP MP scolds woman for not wearing bindi

BJP MP from Karnataka's Kolar M Muniswamy reprimanded a woman shopkeeper for not wearing a bindi. The video of this incident is now quite viral on social media. In fact, Muniswami had come to inaugurate the exhibition at Channaiha temple in the Kolar district on the occasion of Women's Day. After inaugurating he stopped at a stall where a woman was selling clothes. The lady shopkeeper did not wear a bindi.
The MP got angry about this and reprimanded the woman shopkeeper. The MP said, 'First put a dot, your husband is alive, isn't he? You do not have any common sense.
Congress condemned the incident and said that such incidents reflect the culture of the BJP. Senior Congress leader and MP Karti P Chidambaram said in the viral video that, 'BJP will turn India into Hindutva Iran'. Chidambaram said BJP's Ayatollahs will have their own version of Moral Police patrolling the streets.
In Karnataka itself in April 2021, the state Food and Civil Supplies Minister Umesh Katti reprimanded a farmer asking about a cut in rice allocation from the PDS. The farmer had asked if he would 'have to starve or die' till central help arrived. To this, the minister had said, "It is better to die. That is why we have stopped giving rations. Please don't call me". Do it.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer