Application date extended for Pharmacist Recruitment

Application date extended for Pharmacist Recruitment: On the demand of the Pharmacy Council, the government extended the date till June 11; Many candidates were left out due to a delay in registration

Jun 5, 2023 - 18:36
Application date extended for Pharmacist Recruitment

For the unemployed pharmacist in Rajasthan, the last date of application has been extended for one more week in the recruitment of Pharmacists drawn by the government. Candidates have now been given time till June 11 for this recruitment for 2859 posts. The delay in the registration process is believed to be the reason behind the extension of the date. Registration of pharmacists is taking time due to the time taken in verification from universities and colleges.
The Registrar of the Rajasthan Pharmacy Council, Naveen Sanghi said that yesterday was the last date for the application of the pharmacist, but due to the time taken in the process of registration of the pharmacist, many unemployed pharmacists were deprived of the application. Due to the delay in the verification of these people from the college, and university, they could not get their registration done.
In view of this, we demanded the government extend the date of this recruitment and give relief to the unemployed. After our request, the government extended the last date to June 11. With this, unemployed pharmacists have now got one more week to apply. Sanghi said that we have also instructed all the employees and officers working in counseling that the pharmacist registration process should be expedited so that the process of registration can be completed as soon as possible and the unemployed can apply for the recruitment.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer