Ajit Doval's visit to Russia: Pakistan in tension

Ajit Doval's visit to Russia: Pakistan in tension; On Afghanistan and terrorism agenda, talks on Ukraine war also possible

Aug 18, 2022 - 21:49
Ajit Doval's visit to Russia: Pakistan in tension

NSA Ajit Doval is on a two-day visit to Russia. On Wednesday, he met Russian security adviser Nikolai Patrushev. It is believed that during this time talks were held on Afghanistan, terrorism and Russia-Ukraine war. Doval is also expected to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, Pakistan is in tension regarding this tour. The reason for this is that Russia and India are working on a new strategy in Afghanistan. The Taliban are also being taken into confidence. Pakistan is feeling isolated from this. He feels that Russia and India together will thwart his conspiratorial plans in Afghanistan.
According to some media reports, China is also trying to intervene in Afghanistan. He wants to build a Belt and Road Corridor from here to Europe. India, America and European countries have geared up to thwart this attempt.
The Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15 August 2021. Then Pakistan felt that now its arbitrariness will run. This is because Pakistan gave full support to the Taliban against America. The ISI gave a lot of weapons and money to the Taliban. On the other hand, he kept taking America into confidence.
However, when the Taliban came to power, they did not consider it appropriate to give value to Pakistan and ISI. Now Taliban is extending a hand of friendship toward India. India had invested about 23 thousand crore rupees in Afghanistan. For 20 years, he did many works related to development in Afghanistan. In such a situation, the Taliban wants to have good relations with India. Apart from the Parliament of Afghanistan, there are many buildings, schools, hospitals and education centers that India built there.
After the capture of the Taliban, India almost closed its Kabul embassy. After a year, now India is again sending its full diplomatic team there. Pakistan does not like this at all. Indians living in Afghanistan were also called. Because of this, Pakistan feels that India's relations with the Taliban are better. The people of Afghanistan also like Indians more. The Taliban sidelined Pakistan. This is the reason why Pakistan is clearly seeing its bad days in Afghanistan.
Russia ruled Afghanistan for many years. He has a lot of interference in Afghanistan. Russia also has good relations with the Taliban. Russia and India already have close ties. He is helping India because Russia does not want terrorism, and China and Pakistan to interfere in Afghanistan.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer