Whole family got murdered after wife sought divorce

Whole family murdered after wife sought divorce: Shot himself including wife, mother-in-law and 5 children in America

Jan 6, 2023 - 16:55
Whole family got murdered after wife sought divorce

A shocking case has come to light from Utah, USA. Here a man committed suicide by shooting himself after killing his wife, five children and mother-in-law. All this happened two weeks after the wife filed for divorce in court.
This incident is from the city of Enoch in the state of Utah. The dead were 40-year-old Tausha Haight, 78-year-old Gayle Earl, and two boys and three girls aged 4 to 17. All the murders were committed by 42-year-old Michael Haight. Police officials told that they were shocked when they found 8 dead bodies in the same house. Due to this the people around also came into a panic.
The White House issued a statement on Thursday saying that President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were also saddened by the incident. The statement also talked about banning weapons like guns. According to the statement, the government is working on gun control to keep America's schools, homes and communities safe.
Officials said that all the family members followed the church, so they were known to most of the people in the city. Tausha and other members were seen at church the night before the incident. The police start investigating Tausha after she misses a church meeting. After this people informed the authorities about this.
Tausha's lawyer James Park told that on December 21, he had filed for divorce from Michael in court. The documents were delivered to Michael on 27 December. However, Tausha never said that her husband could hurt her in any way. Mayor Geoffrey Chestnut says that divorce is the reason for the murder, but it cannot be said clearly.
Incidents of mass killing in families are becoming common in America. According to data from USA Today, Associated Press and Northeastern University, 17 such cases were reported in 2022. Of these, 14 were shooting incidents and 10 were murder-suicide incidents. Mass killings are those incidents in which 4 or more people have been murdered.

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