Tiger Triumph Exercise: US Navy soldiers happy to participate in military exercise, said- learned a lot from Indian Navy

'Tiger Triumph 2024', is a bilateral, tri-service exercise between India and the US. Its inauguration ceremony took place on 19 March at INS Jalashwa. The harbour phase of the exercise was conducted at Visakhapatnam from 18-25 March.

Mar 26, 2024 - 10:46
Tiger Triumph Exercise: US Navy soldiers happy to participate in military exercise, said- learned a lot from Indian Navy

Joint exercise 'Tiger Triumph-2024' is going on between the armies of India and America on the eastern seaboard from Monday 18 March. On this occasion, Surface Warfare Officer USS Somerset spent time with Indian Naval personnel in Visakhapatnam. The officer expressed happiness and said that he had learned a lot from the Indian Navy.

The inauguration ceremony of this exercise took place on INS Jalashwa on 19 March. Somerset is one of three San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock ships named in honour of those lost during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Brunzic, surface warfare officer on Somerset, said: 'We enjoyed our time with Indian Navy personnel in Visakhapatnam. We learned a lot from him and we have some great memories playing games with him.

India and the US are participating in a bilateral tri-service exercise called "Tiger Triumph 2024." The opening ceremony was held at INS Jalashwa on March 19. The exercise's harbour phase took place in Visakhapatnam from March 18–25. Pre-sale talks, expert discussions on professional subjects, and debates about the various works' planning and execution procedures were all included in this.

The Navy ship USS Somerset, an amphibious transport dock ship of the San Antonio class, visited Visakhapatnam as part of Triumph 2024. Memorabilia from Flight 93 can be found on each of its decks, including a path that leads to a memorial room bearing the names of the passengers.

Earlier on Saturday, the crew of USS Somerset said that they will always remember their visit to Visakhapatnam and the wonderful experience of the joint exercise with the Indian Navy as part of Tiger Triumph.

More than a thousand sailors and Marines travel on this ship, which can carry dozens of military vehicles, said Ashley Ambuehl, a pilot on the ship. There is a workshop for boat repairs. In addition, there is a flight deck on which aircraft and helicopters can land and deploy.

Tiger Triumph stands for Tri-Services India-U.S. Is. The amphibious exercise is a joint exercise between the US and Indian armed forces focused on enhancing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief preparedness and interoperability. It is being held from March 18 to 31, including the port phase and sea phase.

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