Sanya Malhotra was molested in the metro: miscreants touched her inappropriately

Sanya Malhotra was molested in the metro: miscreants touched her inappropriately; lagged behind too long

May 24, 2023 - 07:46
Sanya Malhotra was molested in the metro: miscreants touched her inappropriately

Famous actress Sanya Malhotra, known as Dangal Girl, has recalled a horrifying scene that happened to her. Sanya told that she had said this when she was studying in college. One day she boarded the Delhi Metro to go home from college. Some boys also entered the metro along with them.
According to Sanya, those boys molested her and tried to touch her inappropriately. No one in the metro came to help him. Sanya said that that time was very scary for her. The boys continued to follow Sanya even after she got out of the metro. Somehow Sanya managed to get rid of them.
Sanya was recently seen in the film 'Kathal'. Sanya recalled this incident during the promotion of the film. Speaking with Hotterfly, Sanya said, 'They started touching me inappropriately.
I was all alone and felt helpless. In such a situation man cannot do anything. After all these incidents people usually say why didn't you do anything. However, they do not know that at such times the hands and feet of a man start swelling. You just want to escape from this situation by any means.
Sanya said that it was surprising that no one present there came forward to help her. He further said, 'When I came out of Rajiv Chowk, those boys started following me there too. Those boys were tall and wide body builder type in appearance. It was fortunate that there was a crowd. I went to the washroom and called my father. I asked him to come there immediately.
Sanya said that even after becoming a star, she has faced such situations. Sanya said, 'A few years ago another incident happened to me. His footage will also be available on the internet.
I was somewhere when a fan came to click the photo. While taking the photo, he put his hand on my waist. I was absolutely shocked. I became extremely uncomfortable, yet none of the photographers present there came forward to help. I called that person and said that you have not done the right thing.
Apart from all these, Sanya also had to go through body shaming. He said in the same interview that during the shooting of Dangal, someone had told him that his jaw is not good-looking. Get it corrected with surgery. Sanya said that she did not know that such a thing exists.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer