RJ Naved called Archana Puran Singh's house help, said such a thing that everyone was shocked to hear

The Kapil Sharma Show: The famous comedy show The Kapil Sharma does not leave a single chance to entertain people. Famous RJs of the country will participate in the upcoming episodes of this show, which will include RJs from Naved to Mallishka.

Jun 6, 2023 - 16:44
RJ Naved called Archana Puran Singh's house help, said such a thing that everyone was shocked to hear

Famous for making people laugh, 'The Kapil Sharma' is going to be even more fun than before. In the coming episodes, the guests will not be any film personality or cricketer, but people who have made a name for themselves by becoming radio jockeys. This time the guests of the show will be RJ Naved, RJ Anmol, Mallishka, RJ Anurag Pandey, and RJ Jeetu Raj.
Kapil Sharma always cracks some such jokes in front of the guests coming on his show, after listening to which it becomes impossible for anyone to stop laughing. Along with this, he also makes fun of Archana Puran Singh. Something similar is going to be seen in the upcoming episodes as well. But this time there is a twist in the tale.
Actually, RJ Naved pranks Archana Puran Singh's house to help Bhagyashree. The video has been shared by Set India on YouTube. It can be seen that Naved rings the phone at Archana's house, which is received by Bhagyashree. Upon receiving the phone call, Bhagyashree says, "Yes, who is speaking?" To this, Naved says, "I got a phone call here, Yeh PK talli padi hai here. Pick them up and take them away." As soon as Naved says this, Bhagyashree says, "No, my madam never does this, she doesn't drink at all."
In the same episode, Kapil Sharma tells RJ Jeetu Raj that he has never shown his face, so does the Aadhaar card also have his photo or thumb impression? RJ Jeetu Raj laughs out loud on hearing this.
After this, he says to RJ Anmol- "You have got Amrita Rao and I have got Vada Pav, just see the difference." Sumona also taunts Nehna on this joke. She says that I too have got a husband like Dhokla.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer