Reprimanded Ekta Kapoor for obscene content on OTT

Reprimanded Ekta Kapoor for obscene content on OTT: Supreme Court said- you are corrupting the minds of youth

Oct 15, 2022 - 00:21
Reprimanded Ekta Kapoor for obscene content on OTT

The Supreme Court has reprimanded filmmaker Ekta Kapoor for serving pornographic content on the OTT platform. Commenting on unity, the court said- You are corrupting the minds of today's youth. Your web series is working to spoil the youth.
A bench of Supreme Court Justice Ajay Rastogi and Justice CT Ravikumar told Ekta on Friday that your content is available everywhere. Can be seen from anywhere. What kind of things are you trying to show people? You are corrupting the minds of today's youth. You are giving them the wrong choice.
Actually, a complaint was filed against Ekta Kapoor in Begusarai, Bihar by a former soldier Shambhu Kumar. Kumar had alleged in the complaint filed in the trial court that in the web series XXX Season 2 of Ekta Kapoor's OTT platform Alt Balaji, objectionable scenes were shown about the wife of a soldier. This has hurt the sentiments of the soldiers' families. The court had issued an arrest warrant against Ekta. Ekta had reached the Supreme Court for relief in this case.
During the hearing, the Supreme Court bench reprimanded Ekta fiercely. The court's displeasure increased when his lawyer Mukul Rohatgi said that a petition has been filed in the Patna High Court seeking relief from arrest, but no early hearing is expected there. On this, the court warned Ekta that every time you come to this court... we don't appreciate it. We will charge you the cost of filing such a petition.
However, the Supreme Court kept the petition pending and suggested that a local lawyer may be appointed to examine the status of the hearing of the case in the Patna High Court.
Even after repeatedly filing applications on behalf of Ekta, the court lodged an objection. The bench asked to advocate Mukul Rohatgi Mr. Rohatgi please convey this to his client. You have a lot of money and you can hire expensive lawyers, but it does not mean that you have to come to the court again and again with applications.
Don't waste the time of the court, because there are many issues for the common man in this country. This court is not just for people like you. This court works for those who have no voice. People who have all kinds of facilities if they can't get justice then think about the condition of the common man.
Senior lawyer Mukul Rohatgi, who is arguing in favour of unity, has demanded protection of unity from the court. Mukul Rohatgi spoke to the court about Ekta's freedom of choice and said that the content about which there is controversy is subscription based. The bench also wondered in this matter how you are giving options for people to see.

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