Ram Charan declares that he is a "huge fan" of Neha Kakkar's work

Neha captioned the video with the following: "When Mr. Ramcharan said he's a big Fan!

Dec 14, 2022 - 23:43
Ram Charan declares that he is a "huge fan" of Neha Kakkar's work

Ram Charan declares that he is a "huge fan" of Neha Kakkar's work: "A major deal because..."

Actor Ram Charan from Telugu recently got to know singer Neha Kakkar at a gathering. As they met, the two famous people acknowledged their admiration for one another's work.

The Telugu actor Ram Charan is a fan of singer Neha Kakkar, who found recently this. The RRR actor recently complemented her and informed her he is a "huge fan" of hers when they met at an event. Neha was moved to tears by his words, and she also expressed to him her admiration for his work.

On Instagram, Neha posted a video of herself entering an event that Ram Charan was also attending. The actor who was at a table when she arrived gets up and extends folded hands in welcome. "Big lover of your work," he continues, adding. Neha replies, "Oh my god, that's wonderful to hear," beaming with excitement. I agree. I'm a large fan. Much appreciation.

Neha captioned the video with the following: "When Mr. Ramcharan said he's a big Fan! It is a big deal for me coz there are hardly any people who appreciate others in public. Glad someone took a picture of this, @alwaysramcharan!

Because of her song "O Sajna," Neha experienced trolling on social media a few months ago. Because it was a remake of the well-known song "Maine Payal Hai Chankayi," Falguni Pathak's followers were quite unhappy of the song. Neha, however, made it obvious that she doesn't give a damn about what her detractors think of her.

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