Punishment for insulting the grave of Putin's parents

Punishment for insulting the grave of Putin's parents: The woman wrote – You created a monster, the whole world wants its death

May 12, 2023 - 15:02
Punishment for insulting the grave of Putin's parents

A Russian court has sentenced a woman from St. Petersburg to two years in prison. The court convicted him in October of desecrating the graves of President Vladimir Putin's parents.
This woman named Irina Sibaneva had left a note near the grave of Putin's parents. It was written in this note- You brought up a monster and a murderer. The court said in the verdict that Irina did all this due to political hatred.
The prosecutor had asked for a jail term of 3 years for the woman. He had said that Irina insulted Putin's family as part of the conspiracy. In the note, the woman described Putin's parents as the parents of a madman. He also wrote, "Putin is creating trouble for the world, you call him to you. The whole world is praying that Putin dies."
The woman presented her side in the court. She said that I was scared after seeing the war news. My fear had increased so much that I could not stop it. Now I don't even remember when I had written the note and what was written in it.
Irina further said, 'I am sorry, I had no idea that my action would hurt someone so much'. The woman told the court that she did not think that someone else would get the note and the matter would escalate to this extent.
At the same time, apart from Irina Sibanev, the military court of Russia on Thursday sentenced Nikita Tushkanov, a history teacher, to 5 and a half years in prison. He supported the Ukrainian attack on the Kerch Bridge in Crimea last year. After which the court held him guilty of insulting the army and justifying the violence. History teacher Nikita Tushkanov called the attack on Crutch a birthday gift for Putin.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer