Priyanka, who sold fake degrees, got selected in PTI: Document verification was done before paper leak

Priyanka, who sold fake degrees, got selected in PTI: Document verification was done before the paper leak, the board did not give selection to 879 candidates

Jun 2, 2023 - 10:05
Priyanka, who sold fake degrees, got selected in PTI: Document verification was done before paper leak

Big negligence of the education department of Rajasthan has come to the fore. After the promotion of Sher Singh Meena, now the Education Department selected Priyanka Vishnoi, the girlfriend of Bhupendra Saharan, the mastermind of the senior teacher paper leak case, in the PTI recruitment exam. The Education Department sent the final selection list to the Staff Selection Board after giving a clean chit to Priyanka's document verification.
Where the Staff Selection Board re-examined Priyanka Vishnoi's document. It was found that he has a degree from a private university in Churu. Rejecting this the board banned Priyanka's selection. Rajasthan Staff Selection Board Chairman Hariprasad Sharma said that before the release of the final result of the PTI recruitment exam, the list of selected candidates was received from the education department. Priyanka Bishnoi's name also appeared on this list. As soon as we doubted it. So we got it verified by the police.
It was found that she has been arrested in the paper leak case, who has also got a fake degree. In such a situation, we have put a hold on its result. Along with this, he will also be debarred for future recruitment examinations.
Sharma told that 879 students are like this in the PTI recruitment exam. Those who cleared the written test and also got the document verification done. But after the deficiency in his documents, we stopped his selection. However, 879 candidates have been given 7 days' time. In such a situation, if any of those candidates resolve the objections registered by the board. So they can get a chance for selection.
The education department had done document verification from 2 to 16 December. After this, on December 24, the senior teacher recruitment paper was leaked and on December 27, Bhupendra Saran's girlfriend Priyanka Vishnoi was arrested. The education department sent the final selection list to the board on January 13. But it was not updated and Priyanka's name was also sent. In such a situation, it has to be seen whether the action was taken against the negligent officers in the promotion case of Sher Singh Meena. Is it the same way this time too the careless officers get punished?
Rajasthan Police arrested Bhupendra Saran's girlfriend Priyanka Vishnoi from Mansarovar in Jaipur in December last year. Where the business of fake degrees and mark sheets of various universities related to copying was going on. At that time, 9 mark sheets of the Institute of Education and Vocational Training of Srinagar were found with Priyanka Vishnoi. Which is in Badgaon (Jammu and Kashmir). 3 mark sheets from Himalaya University were found. Which is in Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh. 8 mark sheets have been found from the National Institute of Fire and Safety Engineering. Which is in Nagpur. 12 mark sheets of OPJS University Churu have been found fake.
During police interrogation, Priyanka Vishnoi had told that these degrees and fake mark sheets were prepared by lover Bhupendra Saran and his brother Gopal Vishnoi. Priyanka accepted that she kept these with her on the instructions of Bhupendra and used to sell them to people for money as per Bhupendra's instructions. On this the police arrested Priyanka.
Rajasthan Staff Selection Board has sent the list of 12 universities to the Education Department. These include OPJS University Churu, Singhania University Jhunjhunu, Sunrise University Alwar, JS University Shikohabad UP, Chaudhary Devilal University Haryana, Ranveer Singh University Jind, Gondwana Garh University Chiroli, RTM University Nagpur, Tantia University Ganganagar, BR Ambedkar University Agra, HNBG University Garhwal, Instructions have been given to check the degrees of Indira Gandhi University Mirpur.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer