More than 50 thousand people have AIDS in Rajasthan

More than 50 thousand people have AIDS in Rajasthan: 35 years ago the first case of HIV was found in this city of Rajasthan

Dec 1, 2022 - 14:00
More than 50 thousand people have AIDS in Rajasthan

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) i.e. AIDS is such a disease in the world for which complete treatment has not yet been discovered. World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on December 1 all over the world to remove many misconceptions and misinformation among people about this disease and to make people aware of HIV. At present, more than 50 thousand people are suffering from this disease in Rajasthan, whose treatment is going on, but let us tell you that this disease was detected in the state 35 years ago.
According to Dr. Ravi Prakash Sharma, director of the Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society in the health department, this disease entered Rajasthan 35 years ago. This virus was detected in a foreign youth in the year 1987 in Pushkar, Ajmer. Since then till now AIDS cases are continuously being found in Rajasthan. He told that at present Rajasthan ranks 12th in the country in terms of AIDS and on average 280 people die of this disease here every year.
This time WHO will celebrate World AIDS Day on the theme of equality. Its purpose is that there should be no discrimination against patients suffering from HIV. This means to treat him or to provide other facilities in the society. He said that the Central Government has also passed a law to protect the interests of these patients. Under this law, to protect the interests of the patient affected by this disease, an officer has been appointed for a hearing on the lines of Lokpal.
According to Dr. Sharma, most people have misconceptions or wrong information that AIDS spreads by touching, eating or sitting together. it's not like that at all. In the research done so far, it has been revealed that this disease spreads due to only 4 reasons. The biggest reason for this is to establish an unsafe physical relationship with an infected person. Apart from this, another big reason is that the blood given by an infected person should be transfused to a normal person. The third reason is that the syringe used by an infected person has been used by a normal person or by an infected woman with her child. This disease spreads due to these four reasons only.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer