Imran Khan also clashed with the new army chief

Imran Khan also clashed with the new army chief: Said- Our army has not learned a lesson from history, it is still doing politics

Jan 9, 2023 - 09:16
Imran Khan also clashed with the new army chief

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is also angry with the new Army Chief General Asim Munir. On Sunday, Imran taunted the army and its chief. Said- It is the misfortune of Pakistan that our army and its chief could not learn any lesson from history. They are still interfering in politics.
Khan once again demanded to hold elections in the country as soon as possible. Said- There is only one solution to the problems of Pakistan. Elections should be conducted as quickly as possible and there should be no rigging in it.
Imran is the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). He addressed the women's wing of his party through video conferencing. Said- It is the misfortune of Pakistan that our army has still not learned a lesson from the old mistakes made in history. She is still interfering in politics. She makes one party fight with another and sometimes makes a compromise between them. The army is playing a different game. My party has a government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and political games are going on there too. I don't understand what they want to do.
Imran said – Political engineering is still being done in Pakistan. Today the government is very weak. In these circumstances, who will get the country out of trouble? Now whichever government comes, should get a full five years and this government should not be stopped from making tough decisions. We want revolution through votes and peacefully.
Khan further said – Everyone knows the condition of the country's economy. There is no point in hiding them. If we don't wake up even today, our condition will be worse than in Sri Lanka. The poor labourer of the country stands in line for cheap food grains and dies while waiting. Where inflation has reached in the country, it is not hidden from anyone.
General Asim Munir has become the new Army Chief of Pakistan after General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Bajwa and Imran had a bitter relationship and Imran still openly taunts them. When Munir became the army chief, Khan initially praised him a lot, but now he is suddenly seen angry with Munir too.
Khan said – Bajwa was very powerful. Because of the game he played, the country has reached the present situation. The army is still not ready to learn from its mistakes. They (Army) say that we have become neutral. Who will listen to him? I was repeatedly stabbed in the back.

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