America said- civil war may break out in Afghanistan; Resistance force claims - 600 Taliban killed

In view of the current situation in Afghanistan, US Army General Mark Milley has said that civil war can break out in Afghanistan and terrorist organizations can raise their heads again. Al-Qaeda may regroup, activities of ISIS and other terrorist organizations may also increase. Resistance Force Claims - 600 Taliban Killed: The war between the Taliban and the Resistance Force continues in Panjshir. Meanwhile, the Resistance Force has claimed that it killed 600 Taliban and 1000 Taliban either surrendered or were captured on Saturday.

An Al Jazeera report said the Taliban said they were unable to advance because of landmines on the roads leading to Panjshir's capital, Bazarak, and the provincial governor's compound. The Taliban claims that it has almost completed its operation in Panjshir. At present, only one district and the capital of Panjshir are out of its control. The Taliban also claimed to have killed some of Panjshir's key commanders. Amrullah Saleh said – Amrullah Saleh, the former Vice-President of Afghanistan and leading the Resistance Force, who is running the Taliban, has made a big claim about Pakistan. In an article for the British newspaper Daily Mail, Saleh said that the Taliban is being run by Pakistan's notorious intelligence agency ISI and that the Taliban spokesman is getting instructions every hour from the Pakistani embassy. Saleh has also written that while deciding to face the Taliban in Panjshir, he told his security personnel to shoot me twice in the head if I am wounded in a fight with the Taliban, I do not want to surrender to the Taliban. Taliban said – new government can be announced in 2-3 days There is a report of fighting between Taliban and Haqqani network over power in Afghanistan. According to Afghanistan's website 'Panjshir Observer', Taliban co-founder Mullah Baradar was injured in the Haqqani network firing. It has also been said in the report that Baradar is currently undergoing treatment in Pakistan. However, this has not been confirmed. Sources in Second Bhaskar have termed the report of Baradar's injury as baseless.

The Taliban says that a new government can be announced in 2-3 days. For this, it is waiting for Panjshir to come in full possession. It has also been said that there are differences on some posts as well. Pakistani army supporting the Taliban in Panjshir According to media reports, Pakistani soldiers are supporting the Taliban in the ongoing war in Panjshir. It is being told that the I-card of a Pakistani soldier killed in Panjshir has also been found. Let us tell you that Pakistan has been accused of helping and promoting the Taliban for a long time and Pakistan is also being told to be behind the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan. The command of the Taliban government wants to get the terrorists in Pakistan, before the announcement of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, many questions are being raised about the arrival of Lieutenant-General Faiz Hamid, the chief of Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI, to Kabul. Meanwhile, former Afghan parliamentarian Maryam Solaimankhil has said that the ISI chief has arrived in Kabul to make the leader of the terrorist organization Haqqani network head of the Taliban government and prevent Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar from becoming the head. Maryam has also said that there is a disagreement between Taliban factions and Mullah Baradar on many issues and Baradar has distanced his people from the ongoing war in Panjshir. Let us tell you that before Maryam's statement, there was speculation that Mullah Baradar would be the head of the Taliban government. Domestic flights from Kabul Airport Ariana Afghan Airlines has started flights to three cities - Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Kandahar. Flights were suspended following the Taliban occupation of Kabul. The only aircraft of other countries' armies were airlifting people, but on August 31, after the US military left Kabul Airport, the flights were completely stopped. Now the technical team from Qatar has removed the technical flaws in the airport operation and flights are being started. Taliban attacks on women protesting in Kabul Women's protests against the Taliban in Afghanistan turned violent on Saturday. The Taliban tried to stop the activists who were raising their voice for women's rights in Kabul by releasing tear gas. These women, who have been protesting for two days, say that they should participate and get an important role in the new government.

During the demonstration of women in Kabul, the Taliban also attacked them with a deadly attack. Women's activist Nargis Saddat alleged that she was assaulted by the Taliban on Saturday during a protest led by women's rights activists. He also has injury marks on his face. Nargis told that the Taliban attacked her in the face with the butt of a gun. After which blood started pouring out of his face. According to Tolo News, the Taliban stopped the marching women from going towards the Rashtrapati Bhavan and fired tear gas shells at them. Several journalists have also accused the mob of firing. India said- Pakistan will have to keep an eye on the Taliban, on the issue of Afghanistan, India's Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla told the media in Washington that America and India are keeping an eye on the situation in Afghanistan.

Also said that Afghanistan's neighbor Pakistan has supported the Taliban and it has been fostering the Taliban. There are many things that prove that Pakistan has helped the Taliban, keeping in mind the same things, the role of Pakistan will have to be monitored. Shringla also said that the free movement and role of terrorist organizations like Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba in Afghanistan is worrying. We will keep a close watch on this as well.

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