Social Media: Distracted from Distraction by Distraction

Don’t use social media to impress people, use it to impact people!

Jaipur. Social Media where a person is distracted from distraction by distraction. A place where people from different places talk to each other interact with each other. Social Media sites were started in 1997. In 1987, the direct precursor of today's The Internet came when the National Science Foundation launched a more robust, nationwide digital network known as NSFNET. A decade later, in 1997, the first true social media platform was launched.

Social Media not only makes people but also destroys people. We know a lot of people around us on and off from social media. These days a lot of things are done by social media a person makes friends, gets in relationships with people without seeing each other do this. Later, when they find out the other partner is cheating on them. People blackmail others due to this. We see a lot of people especially girls suffering from this blackmailing. A lot of cases are not heard because people are not let this come out.

These online relations are increasing in number these days so rapidly especially in and after lockdown. Social media is for socializing getting to know people more and reaching out to people with whom we lost connection. Today people are using it for their needs. We see how bad comments people does on different posts. Around us we see today people talk through their phones not by meeting them.

Relations are hard to maintain but people show online relations are hard to sacrifice. We need to understand and need to come out of this virtual life to see reality. People these days are so virtually active that they don’t know what is going in there surrounding. Social Media has created jealous behaviour over illusion. Sadly some are envious of things, relationships, and lifestyles that don’t even exist. 

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