Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter may Ban

Social media giants are required to follow the new rules that come into force from 26 May. Only Facebook said that its purpose is to follow the new rules.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger may face a ban on not following the new information technology rules, which will come into force from 26 May.

Except for the indigenous microblogging app Koo, no other social media giants have followed the new rules. In February, the government asked Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger to follow the new IT rules. Facebook said on Tuesday that it aims to follow the new rules and is working to implement operational procedures on Tuesday.

The new rules require social media platforms to take extra precautions and appoint a Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Contact Person and Resident Grievance Officer. Officials in the Ministry of Information Technology familiar with the developments told the news agency PTI that it is necessary for social media giants to follow the new rules as a the public interface for complaints and the need for an acknowledgment system for requests.

These social media giants may lose their intermediary status if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp Messenger does not follow the rules. Due to intermediary status, they are exempted from liabilities for any third party information and data hosted on their platforms.

The new rules focus on the provisions for voluntary verification, a 24-hour time limit for the removal of flagged material for nudity, and the need for the establishment of a time-bound grievance redressal mechanism. It also requires monthly compliance reports by social media platform companies, the appointment of a compliance officer, nodal contact person and resident complaints officer.

According to a report by the news agency PTI, Koo, which has 6 million users, followed the new rules and reflected changes to the social media platform's privacy policy, terms of use and community guidelines. The rest of the social media giants, such as Facebook (410 million users), Twitter (17.5 million users), Instagram (210 million users), and WhatsApp Messenger (530 million users), have not yet followed the new rules and made six-month requests extension.


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