Dragon's new move

China is building a bridge on its part on Pangong Tso Lake; With this, a distance of 8 hours can be covered in just 2 hours. China has taken a new action to put pressure on India. According to media reports, the Chinese army is building a bridge in its side of Pangong Tso Lake. It is estimated that with this the Chinese army will be able to reach the Indian border very fast.

Now he has to cover a distance of 200 km to reach here. After the bridge is built, this distance will be 40 to 50 kilometers. That is, the journey in which the Chinese army now takes about 8 hours, it will complete that distance in 2 hours. China is building this bridge in its Khurnak area.

This is the narrowest and most inaccessible part of Pangong Tso Lake. Satellite images give a glimpse of this bridge construction. According to a report in 'The Print', the Chinese Army has taken this step after the setback from the Indian Army's operation in August 2020.

Then the Indian Army, defeating the Chinese Army i.e. People's Liberation Army (PLA), captured all the mountain peaks present in the southern part of Pangong Tso Lake. At present, this bridge is under construction. It will be built from Khurnak to Rudok.

This meant that the Chinese army had to cover a distance of 200 kilometers to reach the place earlier. Now instead of that, only 40 to 50 km distance will have to be covered. According to the report, this part of the lake is quite narrow. Engineers of the Chinese Army have prepared the parts of the bridge.

They will be connected by bringing them at the designated place. Pangong Tso Lake is spread over 135 kms. Some part of it comes in Ladakh and some in Tibet. Tension has been going on between India and China in this area since May 2020. China is also building some new roads in this area. It will benefit him in the deployment of troops and weapons. In August, it took one to two days for the Chinese army to reach here.

A source said – He has learned a lesson from his past mistake and is now improving his preparations. In the report, quoting sources, it has been claimed that even in times of tension, China continued to build new roads. Apart from this, to keep an eye on the Indian Army, he has also installed hi-tech equipment on the mountain peaks of his share. Troops from both countries withdrew from the southern side of the lake in February.

By mid-2021, China had completed most of the road work. The effort of the PLA is that if the Indian Army conducts any operation in the southern part of Pangong Tso, then they can move there rapidly. China continued to build new roads, sites for surface-to-air missiles and other constructions in the Line of Actual Control (LAC) area even during tensions. India has also built new roads, tunnels and underground weapons depots here.

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