Check the list of apps removed by Google due to reported malware


Tech giant Google has removed six apps from its App Store i.e. Play-Store, which were reported to be transmitting viruses to people's phones. All these apps also had Sharkbot bank stealer malware which was used for stealing people's bank information.

According to the report, these malware apps have been downloaded more than 15,000 times. Although, now Google has removed all these apps from its Play-store. Now it is important for the users that they also see the list of these apps and if they have any of these apps in their phone, then it should be deleted immediately. As per the report, all these apps were tracking users through its geofencing feature (location).

After continuous tracking, these apps used to collect data of all the websites and apps where the user had log in. These apps used to record the data of login done by the user on any site, which included from login ID to password. These apps were more active in Italy and Britain, Amar Ujala stated. Security research company Check Point has given information about these apps in its blog.

All these apps had Sharkbot malware which used to download "droppers" app in the users' phones and through this app the personal information of the users was stolen. These apps were developed by companies like Zbynek Adamcik, Adelmio Pagnotto and Bingo Like Inc.

Google may have removed these apps from the Play Store but these apps are still available on many third party stores. Sharkbot malware was taking 22 types of permissions from users like SMS, downloading Java code, installation file, updating local database, uninstalling app, contacts, battery optimization. The names of these apps are as follows.

Atom Clean-booster Antivirus, Antivirus super cleaner, Alpha antivirus cleaner, powerful antivirus cleaner, center security antivirus, center security antivirus. If you are using any of these apps, then you should delete them immediately, because banking fraud is a big possibility.


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