Krishna Choudhary- “Believe in Yourself, You Are Unstoppable”

It’s not a game it's life, fight till then end. You’ll win or learn

Krishna Choudhary 3 times world Record Holder. The three world records are India book of the world record, Unique World record and Universal Record Forum World Record Holder. He made a Unique world record of  “Most Beer cans crushed  with an elbow in 1 minute” in class 10th. He is an International Gold Medalist. He made a Universal Record Forum World record of “Most Diamond Push-Ups in one minute.” He is also an International Body Transformation Specialist. He is also a certified nutritionist.

Recently, Krishna Choudhary aka KC Complete Fighter has created a world record. Krishna broke 73 beer cans in one minute, URF awarded him with a certificate memento, medal, and badge on this achievement of Universal Achievement. Krishna Chaudhary is an International World Record Holder and International Body Transformational Specialist who has brought laurels to the country at the international level.

He has trained a lot of professional cricketers, celebrities, and many others Worldwide and changed their lives. He says he is a challenging person. He is doing training since childhood. When other children used to play he used to do training. In class 8th he played state competitions and won a silver medal from there he started his career. His mom is his inspiration and role model. Currently, he is providing training online and offline he trains at KC Complete Fitness, Mansarover, Jaipur. He says that after being a trainer life is easy and good as people appreciate and compliment him and his work. He says “Difficulties are in everyone’s life. Some have small others have big problems. It varies from person to person how they face them and react to it.”

He has achieved a lot of certificates, medals, and trophies. He says positivity is necessary he never got overconfident when won a match or under-confident when losing a match. He has positive people around him his family, friends, and colleagues. He has clients in 25+ countries. He has 3000+ Successful clients Transformations (WorldWide) and most importantly he Supports Natural Fitness in the current era full of artificial foods and Steroids. His parents supported him a lot. His teachers guided and trained him for his success.


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