Kohli clashed with the umpire over the Kookaburra ball, the game was halted for about 10 minutes

NO RAIN, NO BAD-LIGHTS Still the match stopped: A strange incident happened on the fourth day of the first test match being played between India and South Africa. When the South African team came to bat in the second innings, the entire team India along with captain Virat Kohli did not allow the game to start. Team India said that the Kookaburra ball given to them for bowling is old.

Due to this the game was halted for about 10 minutes. During this, Kohli was also seen arguing with the umpire. After this, the new ball box was brought back on the field and captain Kohli along with Ravichandran Ashwin tested each ball thoroughly.

After this, he chose a ball to bowl and gave it to his team and the game started in match. At the same time, commentator and former veteran batsman Sunil Gavaskar said that there can be a difference in the colour and balance of every ball. That's why the Indian team was looking for a new ball. He told that in our time Kapil Dev himself used to choose the ball.

At the same time, former Indian fast bowler Ajit Agarkar told that when I used to play, Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh used to take the ball out of the box. Let us know about the Kookaburra ball that has been at the center of this controversy.

Along with this, it also tells which ball is used in which test playing country. Kookaburra balls are used by Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan for their Test matches. It is made in Australia. It is done by sewing machine. Its seam is pressed.

For the first 20 to 30 overs, this ball is better for fast bowling. After that, it is better for batting. Due to the pressure of the seam, this ball is less helpful to the spinners than other balls and the seamer also gets less swing. The Kookaburra Company was started in the year 1890 by AG Thomson.

This company was started in Melbourne. Apart from cricket and hockey balls, this company is known today for making goods related to these sports. The white ball used for the first time in ODIs and T20s was made in the year 1978. It was made by Kookaburra.

The pink ball was used in Tests for the first time in 2015. It was also made by Kookaburra. The Duke ball is used in England, Ireland and the West Indies. At the same time, the SG ball is used in the matches held in India. Duke Ball is made in England. Its seam is protruding. Its stitching is done by hand.

This ball is considered helpful for fast bowlers. Kookaburra and SG balls start to reverse swing around 50 overs. Duke has been making this ball since the year 1760. India is the only country that uses the SG ball.

This ball is made in India only. The seam of this ball is raised. It is stitched by hand like a Duke ball. This ball is considered helpful for spinners. In 1931, two brothers named Kedarnath and Dwarkanath Anand started this company in Sialkot. After partition, the family moved to Agra. The company started again in 1950 from Meerut.

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