Informer scheme incentive amount of PCPNDT increased from 2.5 lakh to three lakh now

On the instructions of Medical and Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma, making the informer scheme more effective under the PCPNDT Act in the state, the incentive amount has now been increased from 2.5 lakh to three lakh rupees. Principal Secretary to the Government Shri Akhil Arora has issued detailed guidelines regarding the scheme. These guidelines will be effective from the financial year 2021-22. Special emphasis is being laid on getting the PCPNDT Act to be strictly followed for the prevention of fetal sex testing in the state.

It is noteworthy that earlier, under the informer scheme, an amount of up to Rs 2.5 lakh was given as incentive in three installments on the information received regarding sex test. But now making it more practical and attractive, a total incentive amount of three lakh rupees will be paid in two installments to the informer, pregnant woman and associate on successful decoy operation. The first installment of the amount of 2.5 lakhs prescribed in the scheme was given on the successful completion, second installment was given after the complaint was filed in the court and the third installment was decided. Now informer, decoy pregnant woman and associate will be given first installment after successful decoy and second installment after statement in support of prosecution in court.

Keeping in mind the important role of pregnant woman in decoy operation, the risk to the fetus and the problem to the pregnant woman, the amount of the pregnant woman has been increased. Earlier, a total amount of one lakh rupees was given to the pregnant woman in three installments. Now a total amount of Rs 1.5 lakh will be given to him in two installments as incentive. Also, in the past, the informer used to get Rs.33 thousand 250 per installment in three installments, Rs.16 thousand 625 per instalment to the associate. But now 50-50 thousand rupees will be paid to the informer in two installments and 25-25 thousand rupees to the associate.

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