Hardik Patel will join BJP


Hardik removes the name of Congress from WhatsApp and Telegram bio; Changed the photo, called himself a devotee of Ram Before the assembly elections in Gujarat, Congress may face a major setback. For the past several days, speculations are rife about Hardik Patel joining BJP. Meanwhile, Patidar leader Hardik Patel has removed Congress from his WhatsApp and Telegram bio. Hardik says that he is fighting for the interests of his workers in Gujarat. Not only this, but he has also changed his WhatsApp DP. In the new DP, he is seen wearing a saffron shawl. In recent times, Hardik has associated himself with Hindutva. On one occasion he said that he is proud to be a Hindu.

The way he has associated himself with Hindutva in recent times, it is believed that he will join BJP before the assembly elections. However, he had said that even if he had to take the decision of joining the BJP, he would take the matter to the people with an open heart. Hardik's displeasure towards Congress is no longer hidden from anyone. Even before this, he has expressed his displeasure with Congress. In a statement, he had even said that his condition in Congress has become such that the new groom has been sterilized. Although he said that I am not angry with Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi, I am angry with the state leadership.

According to a report, there were also reports of Hardik meeting a big BJP leader in Delhi, after which it was speculated that he might join the BJP. However, Hardik is not talking openly about it. In a conversation with the media on Monday, Hardik said that resentment resides in the family, in reality, the health was not bad, and people made it worse by asking. We also have to be powerful. He said that I had praised Biden too, and so did I go with Biden. After his displeasure with Congress, Hardik has praised the BJP on many occasions.

He has openly praised the BJP, praising the party's good, strong base and decision-making ability. Recently, he had said, 'We have to accept that the recent political decision of the BJP shows that it has the ability to make better political decisions. I believe we should accept the truth without praising it. If Congress wants to become stronger, the party has to improve its decision-making ability.


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