Second wave of Covid is more Disastrous for Childrens

Parents and childrens, both are losing each other

Jaipur.  The second wave is leaving many childrens orphaned and in risk across the whole country. Childrens and parents both are losing each other and in some cases single parent is unfit to take care of their child financially, psychologically, mentally and emotionally.

As India is fighting against second wave, cases of children losing their parents due to Covid are also increasing day by day. While some have lost both their parents and have no one to look after them, others are in a situation where a single surviving parent is unable to take care of them.

Recently, in Kolkata, a new born baby recently lost both her parents and grandparents to the virus. The baby too had tested positive for Covid-19 but survived. The baby’s relatives were reportedly unwilling to take care of her. Finally, the little girl’s maternal grandparents, who live in another city, took charge. A journalist Anuradha Sharma says on this, “A new born lost both her parents and grandparents from the father's side to Covid. The baby was positive too, but survived. Grandparents from mother's side have reluctantly taken her with them after the police insisted. Stories of Covid orphans will haunt us big time.”.

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