Partition brothers meet after 74 years

Embraced and wept bitterly; seeing this, the Pakistani Rangers were also shocked. At the time of the partition of India-Pakistan, two brothers who got separated 74 years ago, met on Wednesday in such a way that both of them wept bitterly, the eyes of the rest of the people present there also became moist. Mohammad Sadiq, living in Faisalabad, Pakistan, and Mohammad Habib Aka alias Shaila, living in India, met at Sri Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan.

Social media became a medium in the union of both the brothers. The two first met on this virtual platform, then face-to-face. At first, both of them cried hugging, then wiped each other's tears. Habib told his Pakistani brother Sadiq- Shut up, Shukar hai mil ta liye…. Habib also told the brother that he devoted his whole life to the service of his mother.

Didn't even get married because of mother's upbringing. As such, the first instruction is given as soon as they set foot in the corridor that the Indian will not talk to any Pakistani or exchange the number. Even if an Indian is seen talking to Pakistan on the corridor, then the Pak Rangers interrupt, but, after this scene, the heart of the Pak Rangers also broke and no one dared to separate these two brothers by 4 pm. not done.

Mohammad Latif, CEO of Kartarpur Corridor Project, told that when the two brothers hugged each other, the sound of both of them crying loudly was heard. This scene ripped the liver. There is an arrangement to bring about 5000 Indians to Sri Kartarpur Sahib in a day, but at present, this count is less than 200.

This was not the first time when the Partitions had met at Kartarpur. Earlier, Sunita Devi from Ajjowal Hoshiyapur along with her family went to Kartarpur and met her relatives. At the time of partition, Sunita's father had remained in India and the rest of the family had gone to Pakistan.

Similarly, Jatinder Singh of Amritsar and Manjit Kaur of Haryana had reached Sri Kartarpur Sahib to meet their online friends. However, they were both sent back by the Pakistan Rangers.

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