Bikaner Express accident happened


The passenger said - The car stopped with a jolt, there was a scream; Looked outside, the boxes were mounted on each other The Bikaner Express, which left for Guwahati at 2.45 pm from Bikaner, derailed between Jalpaiguri and Mainaguri. Eight people died in the accident, while 45 people were injured. There were 872 people from Rajasthan in the car. According to NWR PRO Shashikiran, 308 passengers boarded from Bikaner and 564 from Jaipur.

M.K., a resident of Gangashahar, a passenger on the train. Dainik Bhaskar spoke to Jain. He told that the train was running, during which there was a sudden jolt and there was a scream. People were shouting for help. He was in the rear bogie, so he survived. MK left for Guwahati from Bikaner. Jain talked to Dainik Bhaskar when he was in a compartment of the accident vehicle.

Jain told that the New Jalpaiguri station had just left at around five o'clock when suddenly the train got hit hard. Screaming started. Our box was far behind, so didn't overturn. After the shock, he recovered and looked outside. The train had derailed and the coaches were stacked one on top of the other. We are forty to fifty people in the same compartment and all are safe.

The sounds of screaming are coming from outside. How many people have died and how many people are seriously injured. Roopchand Sethia and his wife Sushila Sethia, who left for Guwahati from Bikaner, told Dainik Bhaskar that we were resting in the evening. Suddenly there were four or five blows one after the other. Everything calmed down before we could recover.

After a while, when I went out and saw it, there was a ruckus. We are still in our box. It is a senior citizen, cannot run around much. There are other people in the box as well. There is a slight injury, but nothing serious. Some are saying that the engine derailed, while some are saying that the coaches came off the middle. We were lucky that we survived. Basantadas said - cutting the coaches and taking out the injured Basanta Das sitting from Merta Road told that I was riding in S4.

Most of the coaches in front of it overturned. My friend was in the S13, he also went to the box, but thank God the friend was not hurt. Basanta Das told that he had to go to Assam. At present, no passenger is being allowed to leave from the spot. The injured are being evacuated by cutting the coaches. Being taken to the hospital by ambulance. There is also a lady who came with us in the S7 from Rajasthan, there is no information about her yet. 308 people had boarded from Bikaner, out of which 117 passengers got down at the stations before the accident.

There were 191 passengers who had boarded the train from Bikaner at the time of the accident. It is not yet clear how many people died in the accident. 12 coaches of the train were damaged in the accident. A large number of people of Bikaner live in Guwahati. In such a situation, the number of passengers in every round of Bikaner Express is very high. People going from Bikaner to Patna and Guwahati also travel in this train.

After the accident, the biggest concern has increased in Gangashahar of Bikaner. Actually, most of the people of this area live in Guwahati. Futures trader Pukhraj Chopra told that there are many people of Bikaner in this vehicle and we are trying to trace them.

Apart from Bikaner, some people from Nokha have also boarded this vehicle. About seventy percent of the passengers in this train are from Bikaner, Nokha, and Nagaur. Most of the people live in Bangai village. Travelers going from Bikaner go towards this village. Apart from this, residents of Bikaner and Nokha also live in Dhumgudi, Mainaguri and Damoli.


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