Don’t let Success on Your Mind and Failure to Heart: Kabir Duhan Singh

Jaipur. “Don’t let success on your mind and failure to hear. Never give up on your dreams”, says Kabir Duhan Singh. Budding Journalist Muskan Kumawat interacted with her telephonically regarding his new web series “Ramyug”. 

For being in the role of Ravan Kabir has 2-3 months to prepare for the character. He read a book written by Ravan itself known as ‘Ravana Samhita’. By reading that book he got to know about the character of Ravan. He took classes for the fighting that happens in the last episode of the web series. 

He says, “If you are fit, you are hit.” As there was corona at the timing of the shooting so proper social distancing was made. At the time of shooting only actors were allowed to be there. He says an actor needs to be always ready, as they can get a call anytime for a role. 

Due to corona, everything is closed and shooting is paused. So he is focusing on his health and fitness like yoga, healthy food, boxing, etc. He has also made a team for helping people to provide oxygen and plasma. 

According to him to do best in the character, he says that you have to live that character. Once he locked himself in a room to prepare for the anger character. As he has not done theatre so he takes time to prepare for the character. He says he didn’t find any hard character till now other than Ravan. He says in 5 years in the industry he has done 40 films. His biggest inspiration is his dad. He says just because of him he is there today.

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