How did Gurukul ended in India?


Jaipur. Convent schools doomed. The Indian Education Act was created in 1858. It was drafted by Lord Macaulay. But before that he had surveyed the education system here (India), even before that many British had given their report about the education system of India. An officer of the British was G.W. Luther and the other was Thomas Munro! Both surveyed different areas at different times. Luther, who surveyed North India, wrote that there is 97% literacy and Munro, who surveyed South India, wrote that there is 100% literacy here.

Macaulay was clear that if India is to be enslaved forever, its "native and cultural education system" will have to be completely demolished and replaced by the "English education system" and only then the body in this country Hindustani, but the British will be born out of mind and will work in our interest when they come out of the university of this country.

Macaulay is using a proverb - "Just as a field is fully plowed before a crop is planted, so it must be plowed and an English education system must be introduced." Therefore, he first declared the Gurukuls illegal. When the Gurukuls became illegal, the assistance they received from the society became illegal. Then Sanskrit was outlawed and the Gurukuls of this country wandered around. He set them on fire, beat and beat the gurus teaching in it, put him in jail.

Till 1850, there were '7 lakh 32 thousand' gurukuls in this country and at that time there were villages in this country '7 lakh 50 thousand'. That is, on an average there was one Gurukul in every village and all those who used to be Gurukuls used to have 'Higher Learning Institute' in today's language. 18 subjects were taught in all of them and these Gurukul community people used to run together and not the king, the Maharaja.

Education was imparted free of charge in Gurukuls. In this way all the Gurukuls were abolished and then English education was declared legal and the first convent school was opened in Calcutta. At that time it was called 'Free School'.

Under this law, Calcutta University was created in India, Bombay University was created, Madras University was created, these three slavery universities are still in the country!


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