Sambhavna Seth in controversies

Commenting on tribal society was heavy for the actress, said - when we make videos, we do not insult anyone Actor Sambhavna Seth rose to fame with the reality show Bigg Boss. Recently she got into trouble when she and her husband Avinash Dwivedi shared a video on social media making fun of their meds. Talking about this, Sambhavna says, "We did not insult anywhere. We did not talk about casteism anywhere...or adivasi anywhere. And yet the tribal community blamed us, that you Did this and said, 'You should remove the video and say sorry'." Sambhavna, however, says it happened unintentionally and she later deleted the video and apologized for it.

He said, "This is a video from a month ago. I don't know where all of a sudden this thing came from. We make videos just for entertainment, and laughter... Live and let live. When we make videos, it's It's not meant to insult anyone or any community. I don't want to get into these controversies much. We deleted the video and said sorry because that's not what we meant." Prospect thinks that people should see the other side before jumping to conclusions. She shares this saying, "We keep them with so much love. I keep getting comments like 'You made a joke'. Where are those people when we are taking care of the same meds or vaccinations? We are giving them.

We call them Didi. Here, high, low, rich, poor, all these things do not come at all. These are self-made things. Some people feel that some people do not. Citing the example of a more recent video in which she is speaking Bhojpuri and her husband is speaking in Punjabi, Sambhavna says, "I don't know how to speak Bhojpuri, and my husband doesn't understand Punjabi.

We both made fun of languages. , but people liked it. Not a single person said, 'You have insulted the language!' After saying this, Sambhavna says that she is 'of course' going to be more careful about what she uploads in the future, adding, "It was unintentional. But that's a lesson for us, we're not like that." Will do from the future. We will take even more care that while making our laughter time vlogs, there should not be any unintentional joke which hurts any caste or people. We have neither insulted anyone nor will."

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