Rajat Singla: A Well-known Entrepreneur jumps into singing Career

Are you in search of a versatile personality? You might have heard the name of Rajat Singla, a well-known entrepreneur. Rajat Singla is a very famous personality in business world. He is the founder of various ventures like India Wall décor and Shiraj media. Rajat Singla has also written a book, which is getting a very high sale on Amazon Kindle. The book, “My Life, My Success Mantras” has been written and published by this well-known businessman to direct the people in business world. This book is written on the life of Rajat Singla. Not only in the corporate world, Rajat Singla has started his career in music world also.

Rajat Singla, the social media influencer has jumped into the field of music with his magical voice and songs. Rajat Singla was very interested in the world of Bollywood from a very young age. He had started a music related website in 2005, at the age of 13 only. From 2005, he has started giving shape to his interest of music. The name of this website was Vippunjab.com. Vippunjab.com was famous for Hindi and Punjabi songs. The offering also included the themes and wallpapers for mobile phones, so that it can reach maximum audience. This shows the business knowledge of Rajat Singla. In the run of success in life, this hobby of Rajat Singla had a special place in his heart, says Rajat Singla. While he was busy in his business, he also spared for his hobby, singing.

                Music is an art. One is born with a magical voice, which is liked by everyone. music can heal any physical and mental problem also. Science has proven that flora and fauna is also affected positively with the use of music. Music touches hearts. It is said that music is the art of arranging sounds in time through the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. Music has universal language. Music is performed through a vast range of instruments and vocal techniques. Ranging from singing to rapping. There are many benefits of music…

·         It makes the heart healthy, as blood flows more easily when music is played.

·         It elevates mood.

·         It reduces stress.

·         It relieves symptoms of depression.

·         It manages pain.

·         It increases workout endurance.

These are the noticeable benefits of music. As stated before, music is useful for everyone, from child to an old age person. This is an art. Therefore, music is not everyone’s cup of tea. Singer Rajat Singla has also won the hearts of people by singing in his magical voice. He sings Indian songs. The languages preferred by Rajat Singla are Hindi, Punjabi, and English. The list of songs by Rajat Singla includes, ‘Na Dil Manda’, ‘Kudi Nakhre Wali’ and ‘Dil’. These songs are available on Jio Saavan, Hungama, Spotify and Apple Music. These are the platforms, on which you can listen to the songs sung by singer Rajat Singla.

The career of Rajat Singla is successful in every aspect. Let’s hope for the best for his singing career too.


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