Bharti Singh, the show's coordinator, would to rub her hands on my back

Maniesh Paul, a host, and actor, established his own show, 'The Maniesh Paul Podcast,' on his YouTube channel, where he interviews people from all walks of life. However, Maniesh just welcomed his first famous guest, an old acquaintance named Bharti Singh, to his show. When two comedians meet, fireworks are unavoidable.

Because of their close friendship, Bharti was able to open up about numerous parts of her life. In the episode, the comedienne revealed many aspects of her personal life. She shared everything she had to say, from an emotional narrative about her connection with Maniesh to a terrifying tragedy she had experienced in the early days of her work.

In relation to the latter, Bharti stated how the show's planners misbehaved with her and inappropriately grabbed her during her conversation with Paul. She recalled the experience and stated that she had no grasp of the situation at the time. “Sometimes the show coordinators misbehaved. They'd rub their hands together behind their backs. I'd know it's not a good sensation, but I'd rationalize that if he's like my uncle, he can't be that horrible. Perhaps I am mistaken and he is correct. So I reasoned that something wasn't quite right. “I had no idea,” she said to the host.

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