Sensex fell 1,200 points in two days, investors lost Rs 5.27 lakh crore


The stock market has seen a huge decline in two days. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex has lost 1,210 points. This has caused a loss of Rs 5.27 lakh crore to the investors. The Sensex had fallen 554 points on Tuesday. On Wednesday, it declined by more than 656 points.

The market cap of listed companies stood at Rs 280.10 lakh crore on Monday, which closed at Rs 276.44 lakh crore on Tuesday. Today it stood at Rs 274.83 lakh crore. The reason for the fall in the market is due to crude oil prices and the resulting inflation.

Crude oil prices have crossed $87 per barrel. Because of this, its effect on inflation will be visible in the coming time. Along with this, the interest in American bonds is also increasing. According to analysts, geographical and political tensions in some countries are also putting pressure on the markets. Foreign investors (FIIs) are continuously making withdrawals from the market.

On Wednesday, the shares of IT companies saw a sharp decline. Stocks ranging from Infosys to TCS continued to trade down. Globally, the stock markets were trading in a downtrend today. Crude oil prices remained higher for the fourth consecutive day.

There is a concern in the Gulf countries due to the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine. Similarly, if we talk about inflation, the 10-year interest in the US has reached a 2-year high of 1.89%. Analysts say that if the dispute between Russia and Ukraine escalates, it could have an impact on more markets in the near term.

On Wednesday, the Sensex had reached below 60 thousand in the afternoon and Nifty had reached below 18 thousand. The Sensex has lost 1,432 points from Monday's high. Oil prices have hit a seven-year high since the attack on United Arab Emirates (UAE) oil tankers.

Goldman has said that by May or June it can go beyond $100 per barrel. This is because the demand is high and the supply is getting disrupted. Hemang Jani of Motilal Oswal Securities says that there is pressure on the market due to many factors.

High-interest rates and crude oil prices are prominent in this. However, Vikas Jain of CLSA says that historically when crude oil prices go up, it indicates a risk. However, whenever the price of oil rises due to demand, the Indian market performs well.


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