Jio users beware: Information given to scammers can get your bank account emptied

Do not make these 5 mistakes even by mistake, even a single piece of information given to scammers can get your bank account emptied Reliance Jio has given some tips along with warnings to its customers to avoid e-KYC scams. The company also keeps sending message alerts to the users to protect them from these scams. Reliance Jio says not to respond to incoming calls or messages in the name of e-KYC verification.

In this, the fraudsters are asked to call a number in the name of KYC verification. Users need to be careful with such fraud calls. Do not download any app on your phone or PC to update KYC. This can give access to your device to scammers and cause you financial loss.

That means money can be withdrawn from your account. According to the company and cyber experts, customers do not need to give necessary details like Aadhar number, OTP, bank account number to anyone. Scammers ask customers for necessary details by posing as Jio's fake customer care. Do not share this with anyone to avoid fraud. The company says that if you are getting calls or messages threatening to cut the connection, then be careful.

Reliance Jio has told customers that in these calls, customers are asked to complete e-KYC. Connection is also said to be closed if e-KYC is not completed, but customers should not fall prey to scammers. Jio has said that in the customer message, do not click on the links in which it is being said to do e-KYC.

Customers should also avoid clicking on other unknown links. The company said that it will never ask customers to download any third-party app other than the MyJio app.

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